Chiro for Kids

Why is chiropractic care important for kids?

Children have developing spines. Their bones are not fully ossified until their early to late teens. Until then they have open growth plates that are vulnerable to trauma, illness, and injuries. Chiropractic care can keep children’s spines in proper alignment and allow their nervous system to function at its best. This can prevent your child from having their growth plates close prematurely and can also prevent unnecessary spinal degeneration later in their lives.

What can chiropractic help my child with?

Chiropractic adjustments help realign children’s spines just like an adult. It takes pressure off their nerves and keeps them functioning properly.

Chiropractic care for children has also been scientifically proven to help with colic, ear infection, allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, bedwetting and much more. The reason it works is because of the effect the adjustment has on your child’s nervous system. The impulse of the adjustment triggers the nervous system, sending a multitude of impulses to the brain. This, in turn, helps the areas of the brain that control the individual conditions function optimally. The reason most children develop these conditions is because the brain and the body are not communicating due to a blockage in their ability to send information. This blockage most of the time is due to the nerves being pinched by a bone out of place. Once that bone is put back into place with an adjustment the info is allowed to be sent from brain to body since the blockage is gone.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was because I was having some back, neck, and shoulder problems. I had seen other chiropractors and achieved no results. This was not the case at The Body Connection. The experience here is very educational in learning how the body works. I am now able to function in a lot less pain. As a result, I am now more active and look at life with more understanding on how to stay healthy."
    Maria H.
  • "I first encountered The Body Connection through Groupon when I came in for a massage. I had a conversation with Dr. Logan and as a result of being treated here, I am now able to do intense workouts, boot camp, and boxing. I have also experienced increased weight loss and now have better posture. Dr. Logan and her staff have been very supportive."
    Lora K.
  • "I have been treated by other chiropractors in the past and over the years coming to The Body Connection has been a wonderful experience. I initially came in for lower back and hip pain. As of now, my flexibility has improved and my pain has diminished. I can now walk and stand for longer periods of time. Also doing daily house work isn’t as painful. I feel better after being treated by the doctor. My energy level is increased and it also improves my state of mind."
    Laura C.
  • "After the awesome massage I enjoyed, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Logan who encouraged me and stated she could help me. I can now hold my head up better and my chronic headache syndrome has subsided. My experience at The Body Connection has been marvelous. To say it plainly; I just feel better!"
    Maura M.
  • "Prior to meeting the staff of The Body Connection Health and Wellness Center at a Ladies Day Expo, I had no knowledge of chiropractic care. Dr. Logan educated me on how the different issues I was experiencing were connected. As a result of getting treated at this facility, my body feels better. I am now able to sit and ride in a car without feeling the lower back pain and spasms of the past."
    Judith H.