Functional Medicine

Functional medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of chronic disease. It is a very personalized, body systems-oriented and integrative healthcare model.  By shifting from a disease-centered to a patient-centered approach, we treat the whole person, not just their symptoms or their disease.

A distinct advantage of utilizing functional medicine is that it expands the physician’s testing and treatment options; thus permitting improved patient outcomes. With functional-specific testing, your doctor can get better answers and create a more effective treatment plan.

Specialized testing procedures provide vital information and facilitate the process of isolating where dysfunction is occurring in the body and how to correct it.

Functional Medicine Testing Options:

· Expanded functional medicine blood tests
· Food intolerance and food allergy
· Comprehensive stool analysis for gut flora and digestion health
· Saliva testing for adrenal gland cortisol balance
· Hormone testing both saliva and blood
· Neurotransmitter tests for brain and digestion system health
· Comprehensive nutrient levels testing
· And more…

Treatment plans are different for each and every patient. The functional medicine approach is not a cookie-cutter system where everybody gets the same 3 dietary supplements and the same “healthy” diet plan. Your treatment plan is based on your personal needs, which will be determined through one-on-one consultations with your doctor and diagnostic tests.

Functional Medicine Treatment Options:

· Diet modification
· Detoxification and anti-inflammatory programs
· Specific nutrient replacement therapy
· Lifestyle changes
· New habits that promote health and well being

As relevant information is gathered and the underlying cause of your health problem is discovered, treatment recommendations can then be made and implemented. This usually involves one or more of the functional medicine treatment options listed above. Your doctor will then work with you and help you successfully implement the treatment recommendation as well as monitor your progress. The relationship is really a partnership between you and your treating physician. It is our purpose to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We are committed to helping our patients discover the underlying cause of their health problems and restoring wellness to their lives.


The foods you eat matter because when our digestive track is kept in a constant state of inflammation by foods that aggravate it, it is unable to perform its two basic functions: eliminating waste and absorbing the nutrients that allow our body to function at 100%!

You may be a candidate for Food Sensitivity Testing if you have:

Allergies (Runny Nose, Sinusitis, Itchy or Dry Eyes)
Digestive Disorders (IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Bloating and Gas)
Skin Disorders (Acne, Psoriasis, Rashes,)
Obesity or Inability to Lose Weight (Despite exercise and diet)
Migraines and Headaches
Chronic Fatigue or Aching Joints (Arthritis)
Hyperactivity or mood disorders

What is FST Testing?

FST: A simple blood test and Report that measures the amount of inflammation caused to your body by 320 different items.
Most of which are Basic Foods, but also includes Environmental Chemicals, Food Additives and Colorings, Herbs, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

How does testing work?

Learn which foods aggravate YOUR body. (plus food additives, medications, molds/chemicals, and herbs)
Receive information on how to eliminate these foods from your diet.
Learn how to reintroduce them later without symptoms.
The first step to see if you will benefit from this type of testing is a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Logan. At that time, you and the Doctor will discuss your health concerns.  Following the consultation, you will have a discussion with our Insurance and Financial Specialist to understand any benefits you may have. (See “Cost” section below for more details).

Often, a blood draw may occur on the same date as the Consultation. The blood work is then shipped to a Lab, where your cells will be exposed to 320 different items (primarily foods, but also including environmental chemicals, molds, food additives and colorings, pharmaceuticals, medicinal herbs, etc.). The test will measure the amount of inflammation this causes in your cells and will rank according to a Severe, Moderate, Mild, or No Intolerance to each item.

Your results will arrive at the office in two weeks. You will then have a Report of Findings with the Doctor, where she will explain the results of your test. Several education materials are provided to you at this time.

Why is this test superior?

This test is the gold standard of determining food sensitivities and inflammatory problems.  Our Doctors consistently find that if you are a candidate for this test and you follow your results: this has the ability to be life changing!

What results might I expect?

Well, each patient is different and so are the test results. Many have a 100% resolution of their symptoms.
The first things that patients notice are weight loss, brighter skin, less fatigue, better sleep, and mental clarity!

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