Wellness Programs

The Body Connection Health and Wellness Center provides on-site health and wellness programs to corporations as well as community organizations. Our wellness programs allow employees/participants to benefit from early detection of health risks before they have a chance to become a more severe condition, resulting in increased productivity and fewer sick days for your employees, as they are able to be more proactive about their health care.

Our Wellness Program Includes:

Corporate Outreach Program
Our center works hand in hand with the business community to foster a culture of prosperity. Whether it be free educational seminars to increase the productivity and health of your employees, value added services to benefit your customer base or business trade-outs; we are committed to providing you with the services the best supports your needs. 

Wellness Workshops:
Wellness workshops are designed to educate your local organization, school, and business interested in revitalizing their health. Each presentation is customized to the needs of your group and focus on issues from disease to stress management.

Appreciation Days:
Our center loves to help others feel appreciated. Our massage days are offered to organizations and businesses who want to show their appreciation to those who work so hard at what they do. It’s a hassle-free value added services for your staff and clients that show how much you care!

For more details, call our Community Outreach Director at (630) 705-1475.  Let us help you set up your event today!

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