Injury Rehab

Pre & Post Surgery Chiropractic Treatment

When surgery is performed for chronic injuries the most likely reason is to restore normal range of motion (ROM) to a restricted joint. In most cases the joint is restricted because the limitation in ROM is due to osteoarthritis, where bone actually stops the joint rather than tight muscles. Chiropractic is a great choice to help get ready for surgery or even after surgery.

1) Before Surgery is Even Discussed – Most joints develop osteoarthritis because of an irregular motion to begin with. The joint may have been injured by a physical or repetitive trauma but the resulting scar tissue formation will restrict the motion of the joint. When this abnormal motion occurs over the years without treatment osteoarthritis begins to form ultimately leading to surgery. If you have had surgery and you are noticing a reduction of motion or function in a joint they should call us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Logan can evaluate the joint and make sure it’s moving properly. In some cases, she will adjust (add motion) to the restricted joint helping restore normal ROM and slightly slowing down the arthritis process, depending on the severity of the original injury.

2) Pre-Surgery – In these cases reduction in motion is so severe that surgery is the only option. Dr. Logan has had much success treating the soft tissue around the osteoarthritic joint along with adjusting it to add slight motion. Dr. Logan can make post-surgery treatment smoother since the joint is healthier and may help shorten recovery time. She will also evaluate the joints that neighbor the injured joint. For example, if your hip is the problematic joint it will cause stress on your low back and knee because those joints make up for the lack of function in your hip. In doing so you will help prevent any other injuries that may occur during the surgery and recovery process.

3) Post-Surgery – Chiropractic treatment should consist similar evaluation of the surrounding joints during the acute phase of injury. Once scar tissue is formed treatment will work on removing it so that pre-surgery ROM can be restored and ultimately pre-injury ROM.

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Did you know that people involved in auto accidents in Illinois, regardless of who is at fault, are eligible to receive natural health care services including chiropractic and massage therapy as well as other health services?

Most Personal injury protection benefits will cover the cost of your chiropractic care as well as other products or devices that may help speed your healing. Beneficial products covered by these benefits include cervical pillows, low back support belts, in-home traction units, and other equipment intended to accelerate your rehabilitation. Contact our office to schedule a visit as soon as possible following your motor vehicle accident to help speed your healing, reduce your likelihood of long-term health problems, and get the care you need. Dr. Logan can help you determine the type and duration of care you will need to make a full recovery.

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective therapies in reducing your soft tissue pain and dysfunction and restoring the strength and integrity of your injured tissues. Dr. Logan uses chiropractic adjustments and other manual medicine techniques to resolve your joint pain and muscle spasms and improve range of motion in your affected joints or body segments. Long-term health benefits following auto accidents may best be achieved when chiropractic care is paired with massage therapy. Dr. Logan can counsel you further on the benefits of both chiropractic and massage therapy in treating your personal injury.

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