Chiropractic Care

One of the main causes of pain and disease in the human body can be traced to improper alignment of the vertebrae in your spinal column.  Through carefully applied pressure, massage therapy, and manipulation of the vertebrae and joints, pressure can be taken off the surrounding nerves.  This not only relieves pain and irritation but increases joint mobility – allowing your body to return to its natural star of balance.  

Dr. Logan offers caring and compassionate chiropractic care in her Oakbrook Terrace office. When you visit Dr. Logan and The Body Connection team, you can expect a thorough initial examination of the condition that brought you forth, as well as your health history.  Then the team will determine the best course for you and your return to wellness.  

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or other joint pain, be sure to schedule an appointment today.

Chiropractic Care for Tendonitis

Whether it’s pitcher’s shoulder, tennis elbow, or runner’s knee, anyone with tendonitis wants relief from pain. The soreness, aching sensation and chronic discomfort of tendonitis around muscles are caused when a tendon connecting a muscle to a bone is overused, injured or used improperly. More than 4 million Americans see a physician each year for tendonitis symptoms. Once tendonitis has been properly diagnosed, a natural approach to treatment that addresses the underlying cause of the injury can be arranged with a chiropractor. With good chiropractic treatment, tendonitis can heal and the person can prevent re-injuring the affected area.

Dr. Logan will evaluate the exact point of pain and figure out which muscle or tendon is attached at that site. With chronic problems, treatment away from the site of the problem may be more effective. This is because the point of pain might be the body’s way of compensating for an injury that has occurred elsewhere. Any misaligned joints might directly cause the tendonitis and must be properly realigned. By correcting the core problem, symptoms in other areas of the body disappear. Once Dr. Logan understands the cause for the muscle damage that led to the joint imbalance. The body must be taught how to perform tasks without adding excessive stress on those same joints. Dr. Logan will create an exercise program specific to your problem to help keep affected muscles strong and to prevent a recurring injury.

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